Music Industry

Music Industry

Our love for music fuels our ability to provide promoters, event coordinators, artists, radio stations and executives in the music industry strategic marketing consulting, new and creative methodologies for higher exposure support systems, special project management, and advice in legal and organizational matters. Click below to find out more.

Music Packages

Multiply your Promotion!

“10XP“ Package

Social media managing: FB/IG/TIKTOK

This pack focuses on Promotion with Purpose and the purpose should be to share your music!



Secure your Career

“RSB” Package

Registration, Structure and Brand.

This package is designed to protect you from the most common problems in the music industry.


Single Payment

Several key countries

International Trademark

Includes everything in the REM package.

And the registration of your brand not only in the US but also in the following countries: MEXICO, ENGLAND AND CHINA.


Single Payment

* + $575.00 for each additional class

Strategic Marketing
Revival of Social Networks.
Crisis Management
Market positioning campaigns.
Special projects
Release of singles/albums/products
Contract Consulting
"Tunin" Media Tour

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