Our unconventional way of only accepting clients and projects we believe in and providing service with love and excellence is the secret to our success and what makes our firm different.


At GWC, we are a team of passionate people united by the desire to make other people's lives better. Our leadership’s contagious ambition to improve people’s lives through helping entrepreneurs/organizations in business growth and personal development increasing prosperity across the world is shared by everyone at GWC.

Core Values

Honesty, Transparency, Accountability, Passion, Curiosity, and Thinking-Freedom of Thinking are truly our core values. When we say “We Rise By Lifting Others”, we mean it, do it, and show it.
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About us

Our values, leadership and mission not only shape what we do and how we do our work, they define who we are as a company.

GWC was founded to be a company that uses creative unconventional ideas, passion, and an abundance of experience to support people, organizations, and businesses all across the world to do better. Since its beginning in 1974, we have pursued this goal by experience and the ability to invent our own way of serving clients in diverse, but key, business sectors we are knowledgeable in. Sectors we have proven to help our clients excel and prosper in. Whether it’s a lawyer or law firm, new artist or famous band, A realtor, Insurance agent, restaurant, first time entrepreneur/start-up company or large organization, we are here to serve and contribute to making the world a better place.


We believe Generational Wealth can be achieved by prospering financially or growing personally and passing that knowledge, appropriate mindset, to our descendants.


Key Sectors

Our service results are measurable and proven.

Our vast experience, proprietary strategies, and knowledge in multiple industries will benefit you and assist in reaching your goals.

Real Estate

With decades of experience and success in the residential real estate arena, we are a powerful force in helping the right Real Estate Professionals excel…
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Financial Investments

Wonderful ideas are presented to us constantly but key people, resources and capital are what turn those ideas into reality. We can either partner or…
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Music Industry

Our love for music fuels our ability to provide record labels and artists strategic marketing consulting, new and creative methodologies for higher exposure, support systems,…
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Community Service

Our ambition to make the world a better place doesn’t stop at helping your business improve. We strive to be a spring of giving and…
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We create plans that empower leaders and teams to grow, scale, and improve their organizations. GWC serves from experience.
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Financial Services

Billions of dollars in commercial loans have been generated by Banks, Lenders, and Commercial Loan Professionals we can connect you with. These great contacts may…
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Personal Development

We are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals achieve goals and succeed. Our training and programs are managed by our leaders personally and designed to…
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Crisis Management

An unexpected or unjust crisis may happen when you are successful. Our Crisis Management and Resolution team may help you avoid being severely affected. GWC…
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Construction Labor Logistics

50 years of real estate buying, rehabbing, and selling opened opportunities to learn the ins and outs of construction. The key was and has always…
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Marketing for Businesses

We pride ourselves on delivering compelling, digital marketing solutions. Our winning solutions and experiences help many of our clients interact and engage with their customers…
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Our Leader & Coaches

Leaders who have been there know the way and show the way.


Eliseo Carrillo

Chairman & President

Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo

Real Estate Coach & Trainer

Enrique Fonseca

Residential / Commercial Loan Coach & Trainer

Tim Adesanya

I.T. Director

Laisha Villanueva

Project Manager
Donellia L

Donellia Levy

Director of Agent Branding & Marketing
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