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We register your Trademark in the USA and can also apply in key countries:


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*plus third-party costs/payment to the USA federal government and other key countries. A savings of more than $3,000.


Don’t make the mistakes that most artists / groups / bands or businesses commit:

Not registering and securing your brand, your name.
Allowing for someone, who is not the owner, to register and take ownership of the name.
If there is more than one owner of the business, group/artist/band, etc., not registering the name in the correct way and allowing for just one of the owners to own the rights.

There are several more vital reasons why registering your name is so important and we will gladly explain them to you by Zoom, over the phone or in-person.

In the music industry, we have all heard of groups or artists who did not protect their name and then were faced with unfortunate circumstances, such as not being able to continue generating income, not being able to keep using their name or working under it, artists going through confusion and losses because of several other artists who are using the same name as them in Mexico and the USA, others had to pay huge amounts of money to recover the name they used from the beginning of their career, some have been sued because someone else registered it before them, and others who did file a lawsuit lost the case and, in addition, lost thousands of dollars more in expenses.


Protect your art, name and brand
Trademark registration for artists made easy!

This special that we are offering does come with a “catch.”
The price is super low because we are looking for testimonials for our new social media networks. We only ask that in return, you give us a truthful and honest review!

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