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This package is designed to protect you from the most common problems in the music industry.


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We know that musicians want to dedicate themselves to giving their best on stage, so we repeatedly see that after achieving fame they face lawsuits for not having their name registered, they have to change their name that led them to be famous, they lose their name because a friend – manager – someone else registered it, or they simply start their dream in music without being legally structured and not treating their artistic career as what it is and should be, a company.

Lawsuits for lack of registration are the order of the day and we have seen it in the past with famous groups such as La Banda el Limon, Grupo Bronco, Grupo Intocable, Kumbia Kings, Limite, Julion Alvarez, among many others.

Protecting yourself now saves you money, headaches and prevents you from possibly losing your identity in music.

We help you to legally register, to structure your musical project with the professional bases and very necessary for you to operate it in a legitimate way and avoiding future headaches. By generating income, you will be able to save a lot, handle income reporting properly in the US, pay less taxes, and keep more money for yourself and your loved ones.

We help you register your brand. We will give you advice and advice on the name you want to register so that you know what risks may exist and how to eliminate them. You define the name you want us to try to register. If you want your name to be a Registered Trademark you can do it in the United States with the same cost or if you want your Trademark to be registered in the key countries, see package option #3.

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