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Congrats! If you are ready to become a real estate agent, we will be there every step of the way. To work as a real estate agent, the state of Illinois, like all other states, require you to be licensed. Luckily, it only takes 75 hours of classes, online or in-person!



Step 1: Meet the requirements to become a Real Estate Agent

You must be at least 18 years old
Hold a high school or GED diploma
You must complete a 75-credit-hour state-approved pre-license program
Pass the state license exam

Step 2: Choose a Real Estate Agent license course

Below are some of the schools recommended, but feel free to choose a school that best fits you!

  1. Institute Online: 3 different packages to choose from. Affirm© financing available.
  2. Real Estate School Illinois: One course available.
    We also recommend that you go online and search on for broker license courses at a discounted rate!
  3. We also recommend that you go online and search on or other websites to look for broker license courses at a discounted rate!
  4. After taking the class, you will have to pass a state exam. If you want or need tutoring, we will gladly provide it. Don’t worry or stress out about the exam. If you don’t pass it, you can take it again.
    Once you pass the state exam, we will set up a meeting with Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo, Owner and Designated Managing Broker at YUB Realty Inc. and she will sponsor you. The state requires you to pay a $175 license fee and you will pay an Association fee. The fee amount is based on what month you become a Realtor.


That’s it! 

As a sponsored agent, your training will begin! Training will be organized based on your availability. If you have a job at the time, we can work around your work schedule.

It’s time to take the steps needed to level up and start a great career in real estate!


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