Sponsorship+ VIP sponsorship opportunity

Welcome to a great and affordable opportunity to promote your business! This opportunity is for first time customers only.

At MUSIC GWC we have created a program to support and promote businesses and entrepreneurs of any level, we give them the opportunity to have access to publicity through fair sponsorships that add value to their business.

Our mission is:

Promote local businesses through sponsorship of events, concerts and massive dances with renowned artists at a price almost free of charge.
Secure a multitude of radio mentions and additional promotion on the social networks of the celebrities who will be performing at the events but also on that of the promoters and influencers.
Use your investment to increase the promotion of the event and therefore your business.
Create and increase your good image by connecting your business with massive events, and recognized artists, and generating more traffic.
Provide you with event tickets - for you to give as gifts to your clients or to enjoy with your family and team.

Sponsorship Registration+ VIP Sponsorship Opportunity

We do everything 100% transparent and with the mission that your sponsorship will benefit you.

These packages are limited.
Available packages range from $3,000 to $30,000 DLLS.
There are packages for a single event in your area or multiple events in various areas and states.

The larger the sponsorship the more benefits you will receive.

The average investment is only $4,000-5,000 USD.

All include: a generous package of radio commercials where your business is mentioned as the sponsor/presenter of the event, as well as on internet radio and on websites of artists, promoters, and influencers. The amount of mentions depends on the amount of investment.
Tickets to the event.
A pair of VIP tickets (if there is a VIP area at the event you sponsor).

There are even opportunities at certain venues to have a booth, be there before the event starts, give away merchandise that promotes your business or business cards, hang banners outside or inside the venue, put your business name/logo on the screens or even on the stage, have a pre-party at the venue and many other options.

If you are interested in learning more, call us at 847-868-3002 or fill out the form below.

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